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Notebook and Fountain Pen

Passionate About Inspiring Others



I was born in the beautiful country of Namibia.

When I was three years old, my parents moved to South Africa. This amazing country is where I started my modeling career.

I entered a modeling competition for fun and before I knew it, I joined a modeling agency and started to travel the world. I was overwhelmed with joy in experiencing different countries and their cultures! In between the traveling, I also studied for a Degree in Psychology and an Honors Degree in Theology, making the journey even more of a challenge sometimes!


At first, I felt like a fish out of water, trying to adapt to new challenges. I made a lot of mistakes, but all the experiences made me grow like never before.


I have been modeling full-time for a lot of years and traveled to over 16 different countries.

I have researched, tested, and learned some of the best tips there are to know in the entertainment industry about style, grooming, and fitness.


I do not want other people to struggle as much as I did through all the vast information and hassles out there to get to the truth, to get to what really works. This is the reason that led me to become a content creator and vlogger.

I want to share my best tips and knowledge with you!

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