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Passionate About Inspiring Others



DANIEL MARITZ is a preacher and teacher whose online ministries,
DLM Christian Lifestyle and DLM Men’s Lifestyle,
reach hundreds of thousands across the globe with God’s

truth and love.

Born in Namibia and raised in South Africa, Daniel is the youngest of five children
and grew up in a loving home under the guidance of his preacher father, Etienne Maritz.

But it was not until tragedy—the death of his second brother—struck the family in Daniel’s early twenties that he decided to truly accept Christ.

A few years later, God called him to share the Gospel with all nations and all people in truth and love.
Devoted to his calling from God to teach the fundamental truth of Scripture to the ends of the world, Daniel started to study theology through SATS (South African Theological Seminary)

and after receiving his degree he started DLM Lifestyle.

His aim is to bring people back to studying the Word of God and call all men and women to real discipleship by teaching them what it means to be a true, reborn Christian.

At DLM Men's Lifestyle, Daniel delves into all aspects of a man's life, offering valuable insights on how to tackle them the right way. From personal development to relationships, he will cover it all.

Daniel's ultimate goal is to equip you with LIFE-CHANGING TRUTHS while inspiring you to accomplish your God-given goals in this temporary world.

Join DLM Men's Lifestyle and embark on a journey of growth and purpose together

by putting God first in our lives! 

Always remember, LIFE is SHORT, so don't WASTE YOURS!!

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